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800lb. Gorilla Electronic Press Kit

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800 lb. Gorilla is an Indianapolis based rock group. The band pulls together funk, jazz and electronica influences to create a driving, danceable sound. A four piece band, 800lbG places rock-solid lead guitar, funky keyboards and sax on top of a drums-and-bass rhythm section. The band's original music blends indie-esque songcraft with funky, jazzy improvisation.

       “From funny onstage banter to instinctive power stances to energetic dancing—the group not only puts on a show, but they have fun doing it, too.” 

       “...their varied styles are distinct and deliberate, yet carefree and flowing”

  Full Article                          -Danielle Look, IndyMojo


       “The knowing glances and smiles that shoot around the room show just how synchronized these musicians become when they perform.”

       “...it is often that undefined, unknown element that makes things click.…each band member brings something different and important to their sound.”

 Full Article                  -Marcela Creps, Herald-Times

        “800 lb. Gorilla ranks as one of the best jam bands Indy has to offer.”

 Full Article                                                  -DO317.com



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Tech Specs and Stage Plot

Input List:

1. Kick

2. Snare

3. Rack 1

4. Rack 2

5. Floor

6. OvrH L&R

7. Drum Pad (DI)

8. Keys 1 (DI)

9. Keys 2 (DI)

10. Keys LOWS (DI)

11. Guitar (SM57)

12. Vox 1

13. Vox 2

14. Sax (SM58-57)


Mark Humphrey